120M HDMI KVM Many to Many Over IP Extender w/ IR



The 120M HDMI KVM Many to Many Over IP Extender with IR (HKE12MMA10) , Support USB keyboard and mouse data, IR signal transmitted over a LAN (Local Area Network). Support input resolution up to 1080P Full HD. According to 1000M IGMP network switch, source content can be transmitted from several transmitters(Up to 16 transmitters) to several receivers (Up to 253 receivers) over LAN, and the transmitter can be controlled by either of the receivers in the same local area network by IR or USB keyboard and mouse.


This product can be used on remote DVR for Security System, servers in data centre and monitor room.


Support resolution up to 1080p Full HD
Support TMDS equalization and enhancement
By transmitting keyboard and mouse Datas via LAN, it is easy to control PC or other media players remotely
Routes up to 16 transmitters to 253 receivers by 1000M IGMP network switch
Support pass through infrared remote control signal
Support Fiber-Optic converter to extend transmission distance up to 20KM
HDMI 1.3 compliant

  Panel Description

1. DC 5V

7. IR receiver

2. HDMI input

8. UTP cable connection port

3. USB connection port(To computer)

9. IP Address Configuration

4. IR transmitter

10. DC 5V input

5. UTP cable connection

11. HDMI output

6. IP Address configuration

12. USB keyboard and mouse input

   Connection Diagram

< 1 to 1 connection >

(Set IP address of the transmitter and receivers to the same)

< 1 to Many connections >

(Set IP address of the transmitter and receivers to the same)

< Many to Many connections >

(By using IGMP network switch, support up to 16 transmitters (Addr: 0000~1111) in one local area network. Set the receivers’ IP address to the same as the transmitter which the receiver wants to connect to.)



120M HDMI KVM Many
to Many Over IP Extender w/ IR




HDMI version


HDCP version



TX*: 1*HDMI Type A

RX*: 1* RJ45, 2* USB Type A,
1* 3.5mm AUX (For IR receiver)


TX: 1* RJ45, 1* 3.5mm AUX
(For IR transmitter) 1* USB Type B

RX: 1* HDMI Type A

ESD protection

Human body model - ±8KV
(Air-gap discharge)


Chasing material

Aluminum Alloy

Product dimensions

RX: 93 mm (W) x 90 mm (D) x 30 (H) mm

TX: 93 mm (W) x 90 mm (D) x 30 (H) mm

Item Weight


Power supply

DC 5V 1A

Operating/Storage temperature

0 to 70 degree/-40 to 85 degree

Operating Humidity

10 to 90% RH

RX: Receiver

TX: Transmitter

   Packing List

1 * HDMI KVM Extender transmitter

1 * HDMI KVM Extender Receiver

1 * IR transmitter Cable

1 * IR Receiver Cable

2 * DC 5V 1A Power Adapter

1 * Quick-Start Guide